SAGE DART (New for 2019)



  • KonneticHD Technology®
  • Sapling Green shaft color
  • Ultra-light Lemke seats with multiple wood insert options (options will be provided prior to build)
  • Fuji titanium SIC stripping guides and SNAKE brand snake guides and tip-top
  • Sage logo Sock and Tube
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Sage DART Fly Rod

The small water Sage DART fly rod features a short range fast action for chasing wary trout in still and clear water, close quarters, or obstacle-ridden streamsides. Specifically designed to drive precise loops under the branches of a willow while still providing delicate presentations and delightful feedback to the angler. The KonneticHD materials combined with performance-friendly fast action gives fisherman the ultimate competitive advantage against highly selective trout. The 0-4wt models at 7’6″ provide the backbone of this family with ultra light performance, while the shorter model in a 3wt provides a speciality tool to the angler looking for accuracy in extremely confined areas. The lightest, most precise casting small water rod ever made, the DART is destined to become a cherished tool in the trout fisherman’s quiver for years to come.


# KonneticHD Technology

# Sapling Green blank color

# Lemke Seat (with a variety of wood insert options)

# Fuji SIC Stripping guide

# SNAKE brand snake guides

# Snub nose grip

# Sage logo bag and tube


# 076-3 (0wt 7’6″ 3pc)

# 176-3 (1wt 7’6″ 3pc)

# 276-3 (2wt 7’6″ 3pc)

# 366-3 (3wt 6’6″ 3pc)

# 376-3 (3wt 7’6″ 3pc)

# 476-3 (4wt 7’6″ 3pc)

Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 34 × 3 × 3 in

076-3, 176-3, 276-3, 366-3, 376-3, 476-3

Reel Seat

Dark Nickel, Nickel Silver