• CTS CNC Salmon/Steelhead RodsCTS CNC Salmon/Steelhead Rods

    CNC Salmon/Steelhead


    CTS CNC Salmon / Steelhead

    Built Spinning or Casting (See pics)

    CNC blanks are super slim and light, with a very fast parabolic action.

    The rod loads beautifully over the entire blank, will cast impressive distances, and is sensitive enough to notice even the slightest bait movement.

    The CNC range uses our highest modulus carbons to keep profile and weight down. CNC has a powerful tip area that ramps up in power to the middle part of the blank. From there the taper slows right down through to the base of the blank to give you a nice smooth load.

    Material Grade: 57msi Carbon Blend
    Core: VeroCoreā„¢ Carbon Helix
    Taper: Moderate
    Taper Type: Single, Progressive
    Action: Extra Fast (Affinity Float Moderate)

  • CTS Affinity Float Rods

    CTS Affinity Float (Centerpin and Float Rods)


    CTS Affinity Float (Centerpin and Float Rods)


    A series of float fishing rod blanks with performance and sensitivity in a class of its own. A sensitive tip area balanced with smooth, subtle loading characteristics on hook up make this one of the most unique blank series on the market.

    The CTS variable weight helical core greatly improves tip lightness and sensitivity. Extensive CAD has helped us engineer a very smooth loading float fishing rod blank. Made in our world-class facility in Auckland New Zealand and tested by the most discerning anglers in every corner of the world.

    Material Grade: Ultra sensitive 57msi high modulus
    Core: VeroCoreā„¢ Carbon Helix
    Taper: Moderate Fast
    Action: Moderate

  • Northfork Composites

    Northfork Composites Centerpin Rods


    Northfork Composites Centerpin Rods