• Blue Halo Liger Fly RodsBlue Halo Liger Fly Rods

    Blue Halo Liger (Hybrid)



    – Flor Quality grips

    – Custom Rod tube (half S-2, half graphite) with aluminum end cap and screw cap with laser logo

    – Upgraded Lemke seats with excellent choices for inserts for FW models. Double locking SW safe seats for SW models.

    – Matching hook keeper

    – Snake Brand Double Foot Guides

    – Tip over butt / Sleeve style ferrules

    – Wrapped in the good ol’ USA

    – We use the highest grade of unidirectional ZenTron S2 fiberglass which is stronger, lighter and stiffer than E-Glass.

    – ZenTron S-2 glass recovers 50% faster than standard S Glass and nearly as fast as graphite

    – Used in Armored Tanks, F-32, F-35, Stealth aircraft, helicopter blades, nose of Boeing 787. It is light, and strong and protects from high impact which means less broken rods

    – Our translucent blanks show it all.  Hold it up to the light and you will see that our blanks are the cleanest most beautiful blanks on the planet

    – Lifetime Warrantee against manufacturer defects on all rods

    – We offer additional insurance to cover you.  No questions asked.

    – Faster action for the guys who like a little more speed and power.  Great for big fish, casting big bugs

  • Blue Halo Zenglass S-2Blue Halo Zenglass S-2

    Blue Halo Zenglass S-2


    Blue Halo Zenglass S-2 Fly Rods

    8’6″ Weights 8-12

    Our new ZENGLASS S-2 Fiberglass rod blanks are an incredible addition to our fiberglass lineup.  These are the larger sticks meant to cast bigger flies, cast farther and land bigger fish.

    With years of testing and countless fish landed with these rods, we feel confident saying that our tapers are perfect for anglers who are seeking big fish in the salt or in fresh water. Rolled at the highest standard and with the very finest fiberglass available, these blanks are the perfect canvas for creative rod building minds.

  • Blue Halo 3rd Gen Fly Rod

    Blue Halo Retro Flex 3


    Featuring Blue Halo’s third-generation RetroFlex technology, combining maximum feel with the sturdy reliability of an augmented and reinforced butt section.