• NFC FASW 1107-4 Switch RodNFC FASW 1107-4 Switch Rod

    NFC FASW 1107-4 Switch Rod


    NFC FASW 1107-4 Switch Rod

    New just built NFC FASW 1107-4 (11′ 7wt 4pc) Switch Rod

    Rod features a very rare NOS Struble U-18 seat, Titanium stripping guides and SNAKE brand snake guides

    Rod comes with the high-end Wasatch Flyfishing tube and sock

  • NFC Classic Series Fly RodNFC Classic Series Fly Rod

    Northfork Composites Classic 9′ 5wt


    Northfork Composites Classic 9′ 5wt

    New just built Northfork Composites Classic series 9′ 5wt 4pc.

    Rod features a beautiful Lemke seat, Flor + grade cork, a Struble agate stripping guide and SNAKE brand snake guides

    This rod has a fast (but not too fast) action and is perfect for all-around applications.

    Rod comes with the highest quality tube and sock as shown along with a couple stickers.

  • NFC GammaBeta Fly RodsNFC GammaBeta Fly Rods

    Northfork Composites Single Handed Fly Rods


    Northfork Composites Graphite Fly Rods

    Classic Series

    FAF Series

    Gamma Alpha Series

    Gamma Beta Series

    Each rod includes a the highest quality Lemke seat with choice of wood inserts (stock always changes so I can send you what is available at any time).

    Hardware for fresh water builds available in Dark Nickel or Nickel Silver. Salt water builds utilize REC black guides, CERECOIL strippers and double locking saltwater seats.

    Each rod comes with a high quality Wasatch Fly Fishing sock and aluminum tube.