• CTS Royal Affinity X 9' 5wtCTS Royal Affinity X 9' 5wt

    CTS Affinity X


    CTS Affinity X Fly Rods Fast action, lightweight and versatile, the CTS Affinity X has deserved its place as the most popular carbon fly rod blank in the CTS collection. The Affinity pedigree is unmatched – it’s our cornerstone fly rod series, as a result of its superior design, engineering and materials. A single VeroCore™…

  • Sale! CTS Affinity X 3wt Fly Rod in RoyalCTS Affinity X 3wt Fly Rod in Royal

    CTS Affinity X 7’6″ 3wt in Royal

    Original price was: $575.00.Current price is: $549.00.

    CTS Affinity X 7’6″ 3wt in Royal

    New just built CTS Affinity X 7’6″ 3wt 4pc in Royal Rod features a Struble ceramic stripping guide, SNAKE brand snake guides and a beautiful Lemke seat in dark nickel.

    Rod includes the Wasatch FlyFishing tube and sock as shown.

  • CTS Quartz Fly Rods

    CTS Quartz (CrystalGlass)


    CTS Quartz (CrystalGlass) Fly Rods

    CrystalGlass™ is our extremely high grade uni-directional S-Glass with amazing clarity. It’s fibreglass like you’ve never seen it before – light, lively and brilliantly flawless.

    When it comes to fibreglass fly rods, there’s no company in the world that knows them better than we do. We pioneered the production of uni-directional fibreglass fly rods in the mid 2000’s, and we’ve been at the forefront of glass innovation ever since.

    If, like us, you’re hooked on technology, then you’ll appreciate what’s in the Quartz DNA.