CTS Affinity X



CTS Affinity X Fly Rods

Fast action, lightweight and versatile, the CTS Affinity X has deserved its place as the most popular carbon fly rod blank in the CTS collection.

The Affinity pedigree is unmatched – it’s our cornerstone fly rod series, as a result of its superior design, engineering and materials. A single VeroCore™ helical spiral is at the core of each 100% uni-directional carbon fibre (graphite) Affinity X fly rod blank. This type of structure is regarded as the most effective way of maintaining cross-section stability during bending, therefore creating a fly rod that is more responsive and more sensitive. This is not only apparent when casting, but also when fighting a fish and even when setting the hook. Feel the difference with a CTS carbon fly rod blank.

The Affinity X has a powerful butt section, but balanced perfectly with a delicate tip area. This creates a blank that loads smoothly and quickly into a solid mid area, resulting in a fly rod that is ideal for delicate situations, whilst maintaining precision, casting authority and power when needed. This is a high performance carbon fly rod blank with exceptional recovery, that exceeds at creating tight loops and quick casts.

Affinity X carbon fly rod blanks are highly customisable, and you can configure a rod for any fishing situation. From flats fishing the Bahamas to stalking backcountry trophy trout in New Zealand. Whatever your style or needs, the Affinity X will take you there.

Made in our world-class facility in Auckland New Zealand. Tested by the most discerning anglers in every corner of the world.

Material Grade: Ultra sensitive 57msi high modulus carbon
Core: VeroCore™ Carbon Helix
Taper: Fast
Action: Fast – Extra Fast

Looking for a certain rod that isn’t shown here? Please contact me and as a dealer I can order any model made in any color – please consider this most likely will cause a delay in the completion date.

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Affinity Skagit 13'0" 7/8, Affinity X 10'0" 3, Affinity X 10'0" 6, Affinity X 10'0" 7, Affinity X 11'0" 7, Affinity X 7'6" 3, Affinity X 7'6" 7 (2piece), Affinity X 8'0" 4, Affinity X 8'6" 3, Affinity X 9'0" 10wt, Affinity X 9'0" 4, Affinity X 9'0" 5, Affinity X 9'0" 6, Affinity X 9'0" 7, Affinity X 9'0" 8, Affinity X 9'0" 9, Affinity X 9'6" 5, Affinity X 10'0" 4, Affinity X 10'0" 5, Affinity X 10'0" 8, Affinity X 11'0" 3, Affinity X 7'0" 3, Affinity X 8'6" 4, Affinity X 9'0" 1, Affinity X 9'0" 10, Affinity X 9'0" 11, Affinity X 9'6" 7


Candy Apple Red, Chameleon Green Gold, Chestnut, Dark Urban Pearl, Dark Urban Pearl Green, Golden Brown, Golden Plum, Jet Black, Jewel, Pangea Green, Panther, Royal, Satin Black, Satin Blue, Satin Green, Tanzanite Blue, Aspen, Cobalt, Deep Blue, Fern, Natural (Unsanded), P2000